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The Sierra Group


The Sierra Group, a pioneering real estate company, offers you real estate projects on another level, chalets combining nature and modernity.

The group’s first project is the Domaine des Hauts Sommets, located on the mountainside in St-Côme, in the bucolic Lanaudière region. Ideal as rental chalets for investors or even for small families wishing to get closer to the environment.

Why Sierra?

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the western United States, and literally means “snowy mountain range” in Spanish. A real estate project is a bit like a mountain; it can be a long climb, but the trails are beautiful, and once you reach the top, the view is breathtaking and you are proud to have climbed the ladder.

The image of the mountain is represented locally by the Val Saint-Côme ski resort, in Lanaudière, near the Domaine des Hauts Sommets, offering breathtaking landscapes.

It’s more than a chalet, it’s a window of opportunity, both for families – offering them a new way of life – and for investors, thanks to the possibilities of rental chalets.

It's more than a chalet...

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We make it a point of honour to develop modern houses, while respecting the environment as much as possible.

We are moving forward with this mindset of sustainable development in harmony with nature, as well as minimizing our environmental footprint.

What we want to offer is a calm and serene place, while respecting the tranquility of the people and neighbourhoods already established in the Saint-Côme area, in Lanaudière.

Our chalets

The Heming

The Eastmain

The Matit

The Borka

The Alto

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Domaine Versailles

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It's more than a chalet...

The Domaine des Hauts Sommets includes magnificent accessible and respectfully built chalets located in two prime locations, Domaine Blais – with a view of the ski slopes of Val St-Côme – and Le Domaine Versailles – with a view of the mountain.