4 advantages of investing in a rental chalet

Who can say no to a stay in a cottage, far from worries, far from problems, far from horns, far from traffic? It is not new to see people escape to the countryside, even if it is only for a short weekend. But this desire to escape is even greater since the pandemic, which forced the whole world to stay locked up in their main residence. If for many, the purchase of a cottage is interesting to be able to relax or get away from the stress of the city, it remains that to acquire a second home is an excellent investment for others, to the point of making it a rental cottage project.
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What are the advantages of a rental chalet?

Here are the 4 main advantages, or reasons why you should consider owning a rental cottage.

1. High demand

As we mentioned at the outset, the call for a cottage in the country, even for a short stay, is very strong. People don’t hesitate to book a small vacation in a quiet area to recharge their batteries and forget all their worries. If you do things right, they may even book your cottage.

2. You can enjoy it yourself

Even if your primary goal is to make a nice income from this property, it will be hard to resist the temptation to enjoy it yourself. After all, you own it. You reserve the weeks or weekends you want to be there.

3. Profitability

This third reason is the very purpose of this article. A cottage like this is a wonderful opportunity to generate an exciting income, sometimes greater than if you owned a PLEX. In the end, this chalet will pay for itself, in the time it takes to tell, if you do the right calculations, especially if it is located in a place as enchanting as Val St-Côme.

4. Rising value

Like any other property – house, condo – a cottage increases in value over the years, following the market price, etc. Unless you are surprised, when you want to sell your cottage, you will certainly make a profit.
chalet Matit

Invest in the right place

Convinced? Now go ahead and invest in the right cottage. Because the Domaine des Hauts Sommets is more than a chalet, it’s a window of opportunity.